Eurobike 2018: NB-IoT radio standard sets course for networked bicycles

Held in Friedrichshafen from 8 to 10 July, the leading bicycle trade fair Eurobike 2018 also marks the launch of a ground-breaking search and find solution for e-bikes based on the innovative radio standard Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT). At its stand in Hall A6, premium e-bike manufacturer Riese & Müller will be presenting a new theft protection system and the location technology behind it in cooperation with IoT Venture GmbH. The development partners also give us glimpse of the future since NB-IoT offers completely new possibilities for digital bike technology and thus for the networked bike of the future thanks to its specific advantages.

The advantages NB-IoT offers include a wide range, low energy requirements and building penetration. Bikes can even be located in basements or underground car parks. The radio technology is also highly robust in its operation and provides an affordable solution based on the Internet of Things. This makes this location system unique, setting it apart from previous solutions. Established standards such as GSM, 3G or LTE have adequate network coverage outdoors, but generally provide limited reception deep in building interiors. Moreover, characteristics not required for the application push up hardware costs and battery life cycles are comparatively short. Riese & Müller and IoT Venture are the first to provide tracking solutions based on this ground-breaking technology and are thus setting benchmarks.

From model year 2019, Riese & Müller will equip its Nevo GH/GT/GX model range with the tracking solution as an option. Customers will receive an easy-to-use premium service for anti-theft protection. To be more specific, buyers will be able to contact a service hotline if their bike has been stolen in the future. They will either get their stolen bike back within a period of xx days or receive a new one as a replacement. E-bike technology leader Riese & Müller is also preparing bikes for a networked future. Anti-theft protection is just the first step towards the digital bicycle. More services and offers are set to follow.

With the new technology and its use as a tracking solution for bicycles, both companies are also helping to ensure greater security for e-bike owners. Around 300,000 bikes of all types are reported stolen every year in Germany alone. The number of unreported cases is even higher. What’s more, only about one in ten of reported thefts are solved. Existing solutions such as alarm systems, GPS trackers with GSM data transmission or a removable battery are not effective enough. The new system can also form part of intelligent mobility concepts for the future. Greater theft prevention could help pedelecs and e-bikes to become more accepted as the means of choice for personal transport.

The tracking solution for e-bikes is the first of several use cases that IoT Venture GmbH is launching. Using LPWAN technologies, especially NB-IoT, as a basis, the young company is networking things with the Internet that previously could not be connected online due to financial or technological reasons. To be exact, the company supplies hardware and software (embedded systems) and solutions for companies to build digital business models and data platforms. Other potential areas of use for the portfolio include industry, building management, mobility solutions, and transport and baggage logistics. Deutsche Telekom is the technology partner, which provides the new radio standard NB-IoT.

Bildnachweis: IoT Venture