Experience growth at IoT Venture – an insight from Felix Letkemann

Felix was the first employee of IoT Venture, and is now Chief Information Officer and heads the backend team. In this post, he describes how the startup spirit is still reflected in his work today.

I joined IoT Venture because I was assured right from the outset that I’d help develop a product which would have a positive effect on people’s lives. I love the idea of creating something of value and not merely handling paperwork.

I truly was involved from the beginning and helped design the product as promised. And work continues. We keep finding new concepts and areas of use.

I also love the fact that not too many rules have been set on the whole.

I’ve been here five years now and the startup spirit is still very much in evidence. Everything is so simple. You can just get on with your work. I can take care of the things that are truly important. This ensures maximum efficiency.

Everyone is responsible for themselves and we take a hands-on, organic approach. For example, I’m sitting in the garden for this interview and I don’t need to clock off or tell anyone that I’m working at home for the most part.

I simply love this creative mindset.

The best approach is first understand, then find a solution and then do. Get up to speed and experience growth. That’s what it’s all about, that’s what I enjoy.

As you might expect, an extraordinarily pleasant, respectful culture exists between members of the team. There is no blaming or finger-pointing. We all work together and seek to create something big. I’d really miss all this without IoT Venture.

Anyone who wants to create and who is persuaded by our mission is a good fit for IoT Venture.

You need to be self-driven and self-organised. You need to make decisions yourself and not wait for your superiors to take them for you. You thus must be able to see the big picture. You need to understand what is important and that, of course, requires unshakeable self-confidence.