An easygoing work atmosphere and flat hierarchies – an insight from Nina Sielmann

As a member of staff from the very beginning, Nina was impressed with the relaxed atmosphere right from the start. As a marketing lead, she and a small team are responsible for all marketing and communication.

Before I started working at IoT Venture, I was in companies with a rather more traditional structure. You had to go through an ordering process for every item that you needed. After that, I was very keen to work for a company that is younger, fresher and with a more modern organisation.

And that’s precisely why I ended up at IoT Venture. Back then, it was still a start-up in the traditional sense, but it was no longer quite so disorganised and a few structures were already in place. I was also excited by the technology.

Everyone can develop and grow with the company.

Here, the work atmosphere is very uncomplicated and hierarchies barely exist. We really can talk about anything with the management. The doors are always open, you are listened to and seen by everyone.

We are all pulling in the same direction here and want to move the company and the product forward – for me, that’s what’s so special about IoT Venture.

Trust is more important than control. You also don’t need to submit an application if you want to work from home or you need equipment.

Me, I really like the mix of being in the office, with everyone sitting at their desks working away. But then I also enjoy working at home, where I can concentrate better.

Everything is relaxed and easygoing, but also highly professional.

We have clear divisions between work and free time. No one forces you to work overtime and then to all play table football together as well. We have fun together, my colleagues are great. We all use ‘Du’, the informal German word for ‘you’, right from the start, even at your job interview.

At the same time, no one wants to be forced to be part of a family. You can go with colleagues for a beer after work if you like, or do your own thing. And that’s how it should be.

We are looking for people who are open to what’s new and have a positive attitude towards it.

IoT Venture is the place for all those people who like taking on responsibility right from the start. It’s important that you want to play an active part. Everyone organises and motivates themselves. This needs a certain degree of self-responsibility, and you have to be comfortable with that. Everyone gets their chance, but it’s up to you to make something of it.