Suitable framework for user-specific monitoring

We have created a model-specific solution to integrate our GPS tracking solution beneath bike frames with a plastic case for the e-bike subscription service provider Dance. Thanks to our data signatures, Dance is able to verify whether their e-bikes, approved exclusively for private individuals, are not being used for commercial purposes on a regular basis.

E-bikes are prized possessions, valued not only by their owners but also by thieves. This poses a real challenge for Dance as an e-bike subscription service provider. Until now, their e-bikes have only been available in the major cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Paris and Vienna, places where thieves love to operate. Dance e-bikes are also at great risk of misuse for commercial purposes in large cities.

Almost inevitably, Dance has been relying on IT’S MY BIKE’s extensively tested GPS tracking since early 2023. One of the key features is the locating and recovery of bicycles and e-bikes: three out of four stolen e-bikes are returned to their owners thanks to the tracking.

To ensure the GPS tracker already fitted to numerous other bike brands is also suitable for Dance, our specialists have developed a model-specific plastic cover for Dance One, its most popular model. With this customised adaptation, our GPS tracker is seamlessly integrated into the frame both on an aesthetic and functional level, making it extremely difficult for thieves to detect or remove.

A total of several thousand Dance One models were equipped with our GPS trackers to start off with. The trackers are now also being gradually fitted to all other Dance models.

IT’S MY BIKE parle français: cross-border GPS tracking

In addition to the model-specific cover, Dance has also prompted us to make another début: since more than half of all e-bikes were stolen in Paris in 2023, we have purposely recruited French-speaking employees. This allows us to set about recovering stolen bikes locally in close coordination with the French authorities, thus expanding our service. Yet another success for our cross-border GPS tracking.

Precise monitoring on fleet portal with IoT Venture data dashboards

Besides anti-theft protection, IT’S MY BIKE GPS tracking can be used for numerous other functions. The Dance fleet portal allows employees to keep an eye on their entire fleet. The portal provides monitoring of tracker battery levels and location monitoring of individual bikes in real time among other functions. Employees can also manage individual servicing bookings there. Needless to say, it can also be used to report thefts.

Detecting “unusual rides” and exposing commercial users with data signatures

IoT Venture has also created further added value with a special algorithm to evaluate and analyse individual rides in more detail. A dashboard displays statistics, useful for answering questions such as how many rides there are on a particular day of the week. The best thing is that our data dashboard also enables Dance to verify whether its e-bikes are actually put solely to private use, as specified in contracts. Rides for commercial purposes are strictly prohibited.

This is how it works: an average ride by Dance users lasts about fifteen minutes and covers around 4.5 kilometres. If a Dance customer’s data or that of a e-bike subscribed to them deviates too far from this average, the e-bike is highlighted graphically on the IT’S MY BIKE dashboard and then examined more closely. If the suspicion of potential commercial use proves to be correct, Dance can approach individual users, providing a detailed account of their ride history to resolve the matter.

A very similar principle is also applied to identify patterns of theft based on past incidents, potentially signalling organised crime, for instance.

“Thanks to our collaboration with IoT Venture, we are setting new standards in anti-theft protection for our bikes. What’s more, the closer cooperation regarding data signatures provides us with a deeper insight into usage and theft trends,” explains a pleased Christian Springub, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Dance GmbH.

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