Dog tracker for happy tails

Dogs love to frolic through forests, meadows and fields so much fun that sometimes they stray or disappear from their owner's field of vision. With the Fressnapf tracker a dog's life is even more relaxed because pet owners can always locate them and keep an eye on health parameters.

People use smartwatches to check how much they move, where they go, in what timeframe, and how many calories they burn in the process. So why not use the same technology for dogs? With our GPS dog tracker and app, owners can look up their pet’s movement and location at any time and monitor health parameters such as calories or water requirements. 

The GPS tracker easily attaches with Velcro to the dog’s collar and is barely noticeable even on small dogs. Thanks to its compact dimensions of 1.6 x 3 x 7 cm (0.62 x 1.18 x 2.76 inches) and weighing only 31 grams (1.09 ounces), the tracker provides maximum comfort. Once attached and in motion, the tracker continuously transmits its position and health data. 

Activity recognition enables targeted nutrition

The tracker also automatically records every time the dog walks for more than 5 minutes. This allows pet owners to simply review how many kilometers their dog has walked, how long it has been on the move, and the route it has taken in the app. With this data, the app automatically calculates health statistics. The owner is provided the following information:

  • Ideal weight
  • Calories burned
  • Water requirement

Furthermore, online veterinarian communication can also be carried out via the app. For this purpose, Fressnapf has created Dr. Fressnapf, a special online service with qualified veterinarians. 

Data learning is essential for our partner Fressnapf

IoT Venture won over Europe’s largest pet supplies brand, Fressnapf, and made it its distribution partner. Although the company is innovative across many areas, the success of the new product took them by surprise. In the first few weeks, 70% of the people who bought dog tracker were new customers – visiting their website or a Fressnapf store for the very first time. Today, more than 50,000 Fressnapf trackers had already been delivered and there is a pre-order of 200,000 trackers for 2023.

Fressnapf also gains internal benefits from the user data at the same time. It was important to the team that the data is proprietary, allowing Fressnapf to use all the learnings from dog tracking. Our approach is unlike other GPS tracking systems, that share data with anonymous companies such as Amazon or Google, or even sells the data at a premium. Data security made in Germany was also a decisive factor: Fressnapf and its customers can rest assured that the data will not fall into the wrong hands and be misused.

What exactly does Fressnapf do with the data? They use the information to suggest special food to dog owners. Nutritional advice and specialized recommendations are now also possible. Additional functionalities, such as determining the ideal weight, calculating the amount of food, or setting up geo-fences, are already under development