Trailblazers for digital transformation: IoT Venture appoints a Chief Digital Officer

With its smart devices and data signatures, IoT Venture GmbH is a pioneer of technical development. Current processes are now to be further optimised using AI technology. These future-oriented roads to the future were already signposted in July of this year, when Felix Letkemann was appointed as the new Chief Digital Officer of this Darmstadt-based company.

From his beginnings as IoT Venture’s first employee, Felix Letkemann first contributed his expertise as a backend developer and then, over the last two years, was Chief Information Officer. In his new role as Chief Digital Officer, he will immediately occupy a key position in the company. He will be entrusted with recognising the potential of artificial intelligence and employing it strategically in existing processes.

“AI is currently still in its early stages but is developing at great speed. It already offers countless opportunities and potential to optimize our processes,” says Letkemann with delight.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important for companies and is opening up new opportunities for innovation and increased efficiency. An initial goal of IoT Venture is to optimize existing processes through transformation. Initially, a possible application in the area of customer support will be examined; other areas of application are also currently being evaluated. In the future, the AI applications are also to be made tangible for users on the basis of smart devices.

Bildnachweis: IoT Venture