IoT Venture brings new mobility client on board with Smart Choice Trading

The IoT Venture GmbH smart mobility device portfolio has been expanded to include a new client: the Darmstadt-based scale-up is working with Smart Choice Trading, helping the Augsburg-based winter service machine specialists take their first steps into the world of IoT.

The main business activity that Smart Choice Trading GmbH (SCT GmbH for short) undertakes is the distribution of snow ploughs, gritters under their own Storm Spreader brand, and other winter service accessories in Europe and the USA. These machines will now be fitted with the IoT Venture GmbH solution in the future.

Besides locating and tracking machines, the built-in smart device can also help monitor the amount of grit deployed. The driver or owner may add further useful information to this data, such as the type of gritting material used. A heat map can show how much grit is used and how wide a route was gritted.

Thanks to a built-in CAN module, the IoT solution is capable of communicating directly with the machines’ controls. “This feature is already available for our Storm Spreader brand gritters. We believe it’s an essential aid to help monitor and evaluate our machines’ activities in a targeted fashion,” states Ronald Heider, Managing Director at SCT GmbH.

In addition to its inclusion in the company’s gritters as standard, SCT GmbH also offers the smart device as a universal retrofit solution. “Winter service machines are not the only machines that the IoT Venture solution is useful for. Tractors, mowing machines, fork lift trucks…the list of mobile machines used during daily operations is long and they all require the same activity analysis,” explains Heider. The “GPSwhere” retrofit solution will be available for both the European and the American markets.

“We’re pleased to have developed this innovative CAN solution in cooperation with our partner and launch it on the highly promising US market. Combining our expertise has allowed us to prepare the ground for brand-new ways of improving communication and efficiency in industry. This cooperative partnership underscores our commitment to constantly provide pioneering technologies and advance the market even further,” sums up Mario Schmitz, Head of Business Development at IoT Venture GmbH.

Bildnachweis: Tricky Shark/stock.adobe.com