Diversity here and now: IoT Venture signs the Diversity Charter

IoT Venture GmbH is a signatory to the Diversity Charter and therefore commits to a work environment that treats people with fairness and respect, free of prejudice.

The Diversity Charter came into being more than 15 years ago. It is an initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions, under the patronage of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. By signing the Diversity Charter, companies and organisations work to ensure more tolerance at work and commit to creating a corporate culture based on a recognition and appreciation of diversity.

4,900 companies and institutions have already signed the Diversity Charter – and this year IoT joined them. “Diversity has been firmly embedded in our corporate culture from the beginning. By signing up to the Diversity Charter, we are underlining this once more,” says Jürgen Veith, CEO of IoT Venture.

Diversity – a universal theme

The Darmstadt-based company currently employs over 70 workers from about 10 different countries. IoT Venture organised an in-house Diversity Lunch to kick off a series of Lunch & Learn sessions. At this event, employees were given an insight into the subject of diversity, with a particular focus on unconscious biases.

Unconscious biases are based on individual experiences and social stereotypes. They often unconsciously influence our decisions and lead to distorted perceptions that negatively impact on decision-making in our working lives – for example when selecting members of staff or working in a team. Using practical examples, IoT Venture employees were shown what steps can raise awareness of and reduce unconscious biases.

“Our society is more diverse than ever. Therefore, it’s all the more important to treat people without prejudice – regardless of gender, origin, religion or sexual orientation,” says Siobhán Hanley, Head of People & Culture at IoT Venture.

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